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For all newcomers to Switzerland, we are happy to offer a free consultation to better understand what the various available options are when acquiring or importing a car.

The objective is to provide support in taking the right decision about which kind of car is suitable for each person or situation


Defining your car

Our mission at LakeMotors SA is to find the right car for you – not to sell you a particular car. And thanks to our knowledge of the Swiss and European markets, we will find the best car, at the best price.

We can source new, nearly new (less than 1 year old & 25,000km) and used cars from our stock.


Financing and ordering

As a newcomer to Switzerland, certain regulations make it difficult to obtain financing. However, should you wish to lease rather than purchase outright, LakeMotors SA work with reliable partners to offer you financing solutions.


Guarantee and insurance

Be it new or used, imported or not, the car has a guarantee available in Switzerland just as in most other European countries.

For used cars that do no longer have a guarantee, LakeMotors SA offers a warranty of 20'000km or 12 months.



Before we deliver any car, we make sure it is ready to go, cleaned, vignette, and full tank. We then deliver it right to your home or office.


Trading in

Trading in is certainly the easiest way to exchange your vehicle. We will be happy to make you a trade in offer on any car at any time.

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